Why Choose Us

The question is why will they use our services?  One main reason is that Ugandans living abroad have lost money to fraudsters, conmen and even family members or relatives which has caused many to call off their dreams of returning home or investing in home project, one because it is costly for them to come over to monitor and follow through projects such as construction to the end.  Some have lost their lives by those that cheated them to a hired gunman who is contracted to finish them off when they return home.  Recently a relative of mine who had left a young man as a caretaker over her house returned only to find the house burnt down because the young man had sold almost everything in there and on learning that she was returning burnt it down to cover up his theft and told her everything had been lost in the fire. In the New Vision of 16th May 2014, there is a story on page 5 about an Indian who was cheated of UGX2Billion.  We shall help stop investment fraud.

Second reason as why consultancy or advisory services?  Will take the findings by Mr.Consult, and I will quote “Thousands of companies regularly resort to consulting firms and business advisers.  Why they do it – is for three important reasons:-

Employees on leadership positions, top management daily have strategic and operatic tasks.  Unfortunately, it is not always optimally to combine these two tasks, that is strategic and operation tasks.  So often in companies special person or group of people are engaged in various improvements, development and employment strategies.  But judge for yourself to have a group of employees who would be equally well versed and skilled in all functions of the enterprise management or key management requirements of any business or company is very problematic.  Thus the reason for calling in a consulting company is the substitution of the staff with required skills that would be necessary to hire specific tasks.  IT is also costly to keep to specialized personnel in house especially for the small to medium sized companies.  Now we also take into account individuals who would like to tap into this specialism for their own personal investments and developments.

Secondly, the consultant is absolute objectivity of the consultant.  As he is not an employee of the company, he is not indluenced by various emotional and internal factors. He is not afraid of putting forward his comments reasonably and makes recommendations, even if they are contrary to the opinion of the directors, shareholders or CEO or the decision makers, that is to say the first persons of the company.  Such  I some companies you cannot easily bring up or implement a solution that could probably solve the issue at the hand, just because their bosses or business owners don’t buy in or are the decision makers.  In other situations it is difficult to get them to see it from you as an employee for instance an accountant applying the GAAP, where it affects the total profits or networth of the company the business owners may not see it ideal or practical.  Hence the reason to bring in a consultant who has objectivity to insist on the importance of compliance and any other strategies or implementations that would take the business to greater heights.  Such approaches must not be like by the heads, but exactly this approach contributes to the effectiveness of cooperation and constructive solutions to business problems.

Thirdly, in addition to the knowledge professional consultants have experience of implementing consulting projects in various companies.  Therefore, in solving business problems consultants use not only their achievements, but also the best practices of other companies.  Respectively can share their knowledge and techniques with the team of the customer.  Top manager works in the same company for approximately 3 – 5 years. A Consultant will for the same period take up to 10 consulting projects in different companies from different industries and has wide experience in solving problems in enterprise management.

In cooperation with external consultants is very important to understand that the consultant is not a competitor of the client’s company and not a wizard, but rather a person with business insight, having large and diverse experience.  So he just may help to make some changes faster and better that it would have taken the company internally.  Hence our task as consultants is to eliminate the cause of the problem not the symptoms.

Our Partners

Through building strong partnerships, truly understanding your needs and working together to impact performance, we know we can assist you in positively shaping the future of your people and your organization.