Legal Services

Legal Services will be provided by one of the AJ & Partners, Mr Matthias Nalyanya’s Legal firm, Lex Uganda Associates, which advises on asset finance, regulatory issues and capital markets.

Legal Services Categories

Revenue Law & Taxation

The firm renders advice on taxation and handles tax disputes with the Uganda Revenue Authority on behalf of clients.  Legal services available include representing clients during negotiations with the Internal Revenue Department and before the Tax Appeal Tribunal and the courts of law, tax planning consultancy services.

Environmental Law

We shall provide advisory services to our clients based on the firm’s adverse experience in conducting and rendering pre-acquisition and post-acquisition environmental audits and advice, including wetland retention and use policies, waste disposal, natural resource exploitation, product labeling, packaging and liability, employer safety.

We shall also routinely apply for and procure licenses, authorizations and permits pertaining to the use or exploitation of natural resources on behalf of  clients in the oil industry.

Employment Law

We shall avail our clients advisory legal services on all aspects of Employment Law including employment contracts, policies for employees, disciplinary procedures, termination of employment, collective bargaining, industrial relations, trade unions, service agreements, expatriate labour and immigration.

Communications Law

Our Associate firm, Lex Uganda has extensive experience in communications law.  It has acted for and continues to advise local and international telecommunications companies on legal issues relating to operator’s licenses, interconnection agreements, Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) consents, approvals and regulations, satellite systems and services. Lex Uganda also represents print and broadcast companies, including the leading daily and FM radio station and renders to those entities advice on matters relating to broadcasting laws and regulation, frequency licensing and other start-up issues such as public property procurement, joint ventures.

Energy & Power

Our Associate firm has acted for and advised several companies in the energy sector including a leading multinational oil company.  Instructions to the firm have ranged from drafting, perusing and rendering legal services on civil works contracts, power purchase agreements, regulatory issues and oil distributorships.

Information Technology Law

The firm represents a leading internet service provider in Uganda, and has experience in  joint ventures,  mergers and acquisitions of internet companies. Lex Uganda has also successfully litigated a case involving electronic trespass in the High Court of Uganda.  This was probably the first case of its kind in Uganda.

Intellectual Property

Lex Uganda renders services relating to registration of patents, designs, trademarks and copyrights.  The firm has also drafted, perused and negotiated a number of intellectual property agreements including licenses, franchises, assignments, joint-ownership agreements and royalty fee agreements.

Commercial And Civil Litigation

Lex Uganda has handled a myriad of commercial and civil litigation instructions on behalf of clients in all courts in Uganda and before tribunals and has also represented clients in arbitrations and mediations and also executes foreign judgments in Uganda

International Economic Law

Lex Uganda also has expertise in International Economic Law including WTO law, international business transactions, international financial institutions, regional integration and co-operation, access to medicine and international trade litigation.

Members of the firm have advised African governments on multilateral and regional trade and have undertaken research, studies and written papers on various trade-related matters.

Our Partners

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