About Us

AJ & Partners is a consortium of professionals under one roof with aim of assisting both Ugandans living abroad and any other interested foreign individuals to Invest home and abroad respectively.  Mission statement: East or West Home is Best, so invest. Values are Quality, Value, Service, Innovation and Trust.

Our business philosophy is to grow AJ & Partners ’ footprints in the USA, CANADA, UK, Europe, Middle East, South Africa and later on to the other parts of the world. Resources are fitted around our clients and their business challenges to ensure that global expertise and local talents are there when needed.
The main goal and objective is to be the Contact point at which anyone living outside Uganda will easily access information about potential investments, resettlement opportunities and others.

AJ & Partners Structure

The Legal form of ownership is a Partnership of Multi-Professionals, Accountants, Lawyers, Solicitors, Tax and Financial Advisors, Architects, Surveyors, you name it.  We have selected this form of structure to allow the formation of a consortium of varying professional services from a wide range of top service providing companies

AJ & Partners intends to market its service to the Uganda Diasporas i.e (immigrants) in the USA, CANADA, UK, Europe, South Africa and later on to the other parts of the world.  However, this will also include any foreigners who would like to invest or migrate to Uganda.
We shall have an online/call Centre where we can avail solutions to our clients through the engagement of a wide variety of professional services at acceptable rates at an added value level. This is done by giving our clients not only their moneys worth but going an extra mile and beyond their expectations.

Our company can be one’s single point of contact on various businesses and personal solutions such as the acquisition & management of assets, which will also include legal advisory services, leave alone financial advisory services in case of asset financing or business analytics.  AJ & Partners provides expert counsel regarding the appropriate hardware products for each customer’s purpose and also offers practical and cost effective solutions.  We intend to build an effective and reliable sourcing team to work diligently with the vendors and distribution

Our Partners

Through building strong partnerships, truly understanding your needs and working together to impact performance, we know we can assist you in positively shaping the future of your people and your organization.